Recapping The Past & Moving Forward

Finally, my first real post. 

When I set this website up 3 years ago its original and sole purpose was to serve as my campaign website for the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Election’s in 2008.Since that time my life has changed significantly so now this site is going to be a simple blog that will focus on Entrepreneurship, Politics and Business.

An Early Start

I was 23 years old straight out of university and working for the bank when I first decided to run. I had big ideas, huge goals, and large ambitions; probably inspired by all the progressive higher learning I was doing at Mount Allison University. Deep down I knew I had to run at a young age because that experience would help me in the long run in the future. I also wanted to give back to the community that helped raise me. Coming back from school I witnessed a city that was once very proud and united, divided and not confident. Something needed to be done, someone had to step up,  so I did. Ex. (I wanted to talk about things like Re-investing in youth recreational programs, and development  not about “cat bi-laws” and “decaying buildings.”) It was never about my ego, just common sense.

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