A Message From Vic Toews Re: Stop Online Spying

Photo Credits Courtesy of CTV News Online.

The following letter below is a email received today from the Minister of Public Safety Vic Towes in regards to Bill C-30 concerns. 

Thank you for contacting my office regarding Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.

Canada’s laws currently do not adequately protect Canadians from online exploitation and we think there is widespread agreement that this is a problem. 

We want to update our laws while striking the right balance between combating crime and protecting privacy. 

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An Inspirational Cooking Story: Jeff Henderson Streets to the Stove

Jeff Henderson Bio: Photo Credits The Food Network

This post was inspired because over the last 4 years I have been so deeply involved in business and politics that I have not had the time to make many home cooked meals. This has been tough because I  always wanted to be a chef when I was younger and it is a huge lifestyle uplifter. I can remember back in university I would have ESPN and the Food Network on constantly, however recently that has been replaced with pure CNBC, and BNN. I remember on occasion hosting  big pancake breakfasts and cooking massive dinners enough to feed 10-12 of my football teammates in my basement apartment before entering the working real world.

Well after a few years of retirement from the kitchen I am finally getting back into this long lost hobby and life supporting skill. I was inspired by Robin Burns, a family friend who makes the most incredible Guacamole Recipe you can believe. You can also visit her website at  www.thehungrybirdy.com trust me you will not be disappointed.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes when you think that you are doing something right and it doesn’t turn out how you anticipated you can get discouraged. But the truth is Overcoming Obstacles is one of the most important characteristic that any successful person can have.  Nobody is immune to not having obstacles it simply a definitive characteristic of life. Making mistakes is part of life and should not be punished. 

Reflecting on my own personal experiences I have made many mistakes over the years, to many to count on one hand. And for each mistake guilt and frustration mounted. Why I am not succeeding? Why am I making so many mistakes? However after a significant amount of time in reflection I finally realized with the help of this quote from Albert Einstein in the image. Continue reading

A Vision Of The Future: By Corning

I thought this video by Corning was very interesting! I think this company is doing very positive things with there Marketing and that they have a very special Entrepreneur  behind the vision.  They are telling a story and making the

Corning Glass Future Concept www.corning.com

Consumer the central theme of it, they are selling the concept of Corning and the future of how we will use glass.  I really liked how they used simplicity in delivering there message. The only sound in this video was the soft beautiful music playing in the background which allowed the viewer to get lost in there own thoughts and imagination or maybe that was just me. lol

Here is the Link to Video if you would like to find out what I am talking about.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38

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A Response to the Controversial Statements of Senator Pierr-Hugues Boisvenu

Photo Credits: @globeandmail


Many columnist and writers across Canada including Prime Minister Stephen Harper have indicated and suggested that Senator Boisvenu comments can be understood and somewhat justified considering his prior experience with the criminal justice system. After all he is the founder of “Murdered or Missing Persons Families Association” (MMPFA), and a man who has greatly been personally affected by a thoughtless and heart wrenching crime.

However we live in Canada and as a Canadians we are fortunate to have rules of law that govern us. No mans personal “feelings”, “emotions” or “thoughts” are above the law or our countries constitution. It is for that reason it is not hard to believe why Senator Boisvenu statements insulted millions of Canadians and provoked a re-opening of the capital punishment penalty in Canada. In my opinion his comments were indecent and surprising especially when considering how pro-life (fiscal conservatives) tend to be. His statement is selective, extremely bias, and more concerning lacks basic human empathy and compassion that I always thought separated Canadians from other nations throughout the world.

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