UN Emergency Relief Coordinator’s Key messages on Syria

The Conflict Hits Home & In The Office  

A Free Syrian Army fighter carries a baby, the only survivor in his family after an artillery round destroyed his home in Aleppo this month. Photograph: Sipa USA/Rex Features

You hear politicians in Ottawa everyday talking about foreign policy, values, etc. However I had the opportunity last week to interview for myself a young man  who just arrived back to Canada a month ago after living in Damacaus, Syria for the last 15 years.

The job candidate was a first generation Canadian who was born to Syrian parents who immigrated to Canada in the 1980’s. After reviewing his profile I noticed that  he was indeed the same age as me 27.  He presented very well like a solid young professional. He had excellent work experience  and a strong educational background. Before the conflict he was working in the Aerospace industry as a flight controller, with a bright future ahead. He had a home, car, career, a family with a very bright future. However he had to leave it all behind because in the end his personal health and safety was more important then any material wealth or societal status could ever be. I came away after speaking with the candidate really wanting to know more about the situation on the ground in Syria.

Last week I watched the 60 Minutes special on the internal Syria conflict. I also followed the American presidential debate between Obama and Romney that was on foreign policy. This was done in a hope that some substantive things would be talked about however these mediums left me unsatisfied. Fortunately  I was follow @UN on twitter and was able to come across some very important information that addressed my concerns from the direct sources involved in the relief coordination.

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Justin Trudeau – Federal Liberal Leadership Run


                                                 – JUSTIN TRUDEAU

“I love this country and I want to serve it. I am running because I believe this country wants and needs new leadership. As the Conservative government is taking this country in a direction most Canadians don’t want it to go, we need a vision for Canada’s future grounded not in the politics of envy or mistrust. One that understands, despite all the blessings beneath our feet, that our greatest strength is above ground, in our people. All Canadians, pulling together, determined to build a better life, a better Canada. I was born into a unique circumstance. I owe a great deal to Canada and to Canadians. I really believe in the old adage that he, to whom much is given, much is required. And I’ve been given a lot. I don’t expect anybody to support me because of who my father was. I intend to earn it.”                Continue reading