Unlocking The Wisdom Of Our Elders

Mr.Goodine & Downey

One of the most memorable and powerful movies I have ever watched was Finding Forester. As a young black man I still remember the very first time I saw the movie and how powerful of an impact it had on my life. It changed the paradigm of how I looked and viewed myself and of my potential as a young person in the world.

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Bill 115, Putting Students First Act, 2012

Thoughts On Fight Bill 115 Marketing 

“Teachers, the people who warm our hearts and give us the gift of knowledge.” 

I finally found the time to really dig deep and look over Bill 115  after seeing the Ontario Secondary Schools Teacher Federation(OSSTF)  FighBill115.ca  Ad all over the internet. The conclusion I come to is this, the content of the bill is very strong in reason and rationality and it should be passed and accepted by the teachers this one time. Given the hard fiscal position Ontario is currently in the OSSTF marketing campaign has alienated the valid concerns some teachers actually have with Bill 115. It is overwhelming agreed within society that we need to protect our teachers, and make sure that they are cared for. However it is more important to protect the young minds of the children first.  

I don’t think the Ad campaign FightBill115 has been effective and clear with its message on why parents should side with the union vs. the Liberal government that was just re-elected a year ago. This campaign shows the OSSTF blatant position that it is holding children’s lives and extracurricular activities hostage it is an unnecessary aggressive ad campaign.


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