Saving Ted: Supporting SPCA’s

SPCAIn honor of my old dog and buddy Ted, I’ve decided to give an annual donation to an SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) organization once a year in his name. Ted was not an unwanted dog, nor unloved, actually he was the complete opposite of what most people might think of or associate with a dog that was given up for adoption. The idea of forever homes are idealistic in nature, however  rigid and not completely honest in some circumstances. There are different types of dogs, some are family, short-term rescues, long-term rescues and more. Having Ted felt like all of the above. I could have kept him however our time together had come to an end.  Some people thought he was holding be back, but I realized I was the one holding him back, I had to trust the system. The SPCA represents the best qualities in humanity, and it is for that reason I’ll forever be a supporter.  Continue reading

Outwitting the Devil – Napoleon Hill

Removing Fear & Thinking Clear 

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

The nature and discussion of how to overcome fear is prevalent in many modern day spiritual enlightenment movements.  The idea of conciseness and old saying “mind over matter” has never been more popular or accurate in my opinion. Breaking down the concept of reality conciseness at a quantum level we come to realize that almost everything we think of as solid is really just empty space, the universe itself is considered to be made of over 70% dark matter.  

Removing fear is like exploring dark matter, you know it exist yet it is difficult to understand and easier to just simply ignore. I’ve always enjoyed tackling fears, however only when I was aware of them. When not aware of the roots of fear, negative thoughts and suppress feelings you cultivate a perfect environment for fear to manifest. The following audio book below called Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill is over 70 years old and it contains wisdom and positive teachings that have never been more relevant today.   Continue reading

Coming Soon: Quantum Computing

Canadian Innovation & Leadership quatumvalleyinvestments

Quantum Mechanics has been in the realm of thought, debate, and study for over 60 years. However out of all nations Canada is emerging well positioned to lead this new era of technology advancement in regards to commercialization. Former RIM (Blackberry) Co-CEO Mike Lizard, and his partner Doug Fregin, have put Canada and Waterloo, Ontario on the map with their vision of having the region become known as the “Quantum Valley” a place of innovation advanced innovation and a global hub for the sector. So far the management team has established a $100M fund with resources being used to support scientist and researchers to find new discoveries and breakthroughs. Below is a documentary I found worthy of sharing that introduces the subject of Quantum Computing with simplicity.

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The New Year & Psychological Time

Moving Forward While Being Present 

I’ve officially started referring to conscious popular calender time as Psychological Time (external time), Eckhart Tolle, is considered a contemporary Spiritual Teacher his book “The Power of Now”  has sold over 5 Million Copies and has been translated in 36 languages, I finished it in 3 days and walked away  feeling many of the things he discussed as legitimate, very repetitive but legitimate non-the less.  Continue reading