Airbnb Travel Style: Living Moments

Technical Innovation and Response 

Airbnb has started to get a lot of traction and I am a big fan of it so far, for anyone that travels frequently it is a nice alternative to the traditional means of booking hotels, motels etc. I think the great recession of 2008 challenged the world to come up with solutions on how to generate additional income but also on what is most important in life. The soul I think is a global citizen, connected online and offline we all desire love, appreciation, friendship a healthy meal and environment. Out of all the online platforms that has gained traction in this new digital sharing space, I think Airbnb has clearly come out at a leader. Great value, quality price and engineered pleasant experiences with gracious kind host who share your values. Investors are watching this company very closely as a potential public offering might be in the works in the future.  Continue reading

Epicurean Lifestyle In Modern Times

What is Epicureanism?epicurus

Epicureanism is a system of philosophy based upon the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus, founded around 307 BC. Epicurus’s philosophy combines a physics based on an atomistic materialism with a rational hedonistic ethics that emphasizes moderation of desires and cultivation of friendships. His world-view is an optimistic one that stresses that philosophy can liberate one from fears of death and the supernatural, and can teach us how to find happiness in almost any situation.

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The Philosophy of Science

A Scientific Background  tumblr_mkacenxOHi1ralxhxo1_500

The Philosophy of Science over the last 70 decades has unearthed some fascinating information worthy of discussion and further discovery. One side says you can explain everything in the universe with reason and intellect (Quantum Mechanics), the other side says essentially it is impossible to observer reality thus all attempts to understand are frivolous (Quantum Physics). The following documentary below titled Athene’s Theory, goes beyond builds on the history of Einstein and Bohr’s famous debates. 

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