The Political Minority: In His Words

Before The Internet 

Before social media and the 24 hour TV news cycle there was just News Papers. The following interview  below was published for the Halifax Metro Weekly  November 13 to 19th, 1992. My grandfather influence many in the community in a positive way, he was everyone’s representative not just the black communities I grew up in a house hold were meritrocity was preached and no special privileges were given.

At my grandfathers funeral in-front of a packed Church congregation I stood up and within my statement honoring him I recall saying, It is as though he was meticulously molding and shaping my character from the moment I could first remember”, that’s a fact.

collage papa and me

(Left: Graham L. Downey, Halifax Downtown City Councilor & Hon. John Manley, Former Deputy Prime Minister, current CEO of Canadian Council of Chief Executives and Officer of the Order of Canada Middle: Bridge Walk 1987 Natal Day Celebration, Me and my grandfather, Right: Dr. Robert Campbell, President Mount Allison University, Officer of the Order of Canada, Jerome L. Downey)

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