DMF Energy 2016: Canadian Developments

It’s been 3 years, 80,000 kilometers flying in the air, 30,000 driving on the ground and 7,000 hours working in the field but DMF Energy Inc. (DMF) is now ready to be of service to Canada and the World, what started as a dream is now a reality and it wouldn’t be possible without teamwork, family, sacrifice and perseverance. For more background details on DMF’s origins you can click herefor program details you click here
More information will be coming this fall regarding how the public can be involved in the companies projects on a private equity level or as volunteer with Canadian Human Capital Development Initiative (CHCDI).  Currently our team has began the process of direct communications with elected officials at all three levels of Canadian government but most importantly we are going to be working with individuals and communities within our core Canadian municipalities of service: 

DMF Energy Inc - Reach and Scope

As we position ourselves to offer bilingual services in the next year the additional regions of Greater Moncton and Greater Montreal will be added as well. For 2018 we plan on servicing Prairie capitals in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia respectfully.  DMF Energy Inc will be hosting information sessions and events late Fall 2016 and all of 2017 with major funding goals to be secured and reached by Summer 2017.  

DMF Energy Inc - Team

The Canadian-Jamaican Invitation & Energy Management training partnership is ahead of schedule and will be making announcements soon regarding paid and volunteer opportunities with that exciting initiative. Thank you to everyone along the way who inspired, shared and stood by our vision of working with a determined, motivated and focused mindset to be the change and build a better tomorrow today. 

My best,