Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes when you think that you are doing something right and it doesn’t turn out how you anticipated you can get discouraged. But the truth is Overcoming Obstacles is one of the most important characteristic that any successful person can have.  Nobody is immune to not having obstacles it simply a definitive characteristic of life. Making mistakes is part of life and should not be punished. 

Reflecting on my own personal experiences I have made many mistakes over the years, to many to count on one hand. And for each mistake guilt and frustration mounted. Why I am not succeeding? Why am I making so many mistakes? However after a significant amount of time in reflection I finally realized with the help of this quote from Albert Einstein in the image.

“I have been doing a lot of new things in my life!”  I realized it was the situations and lack of experience that was the real culprit. When you have ambition and want to make the world a better place “the world “will bring you to your knees. Negative thoughts and emotions are like a disease and probably one of the main reasons why in North America we have the rising issue of mental health problems in our society. Every day we have the choice to be positive or negative. And far too often we take the easy road of negative emotions that allow doubt, fear and frustration to flourish. We shouldn’t punish people who take risk or who fail when they try something new! Instead we should encourage and think good thoughts. Og Mandino says “do all things with love”; words to live by if you ask me. Enjoy the obstacles that come your way in life, forgive yourself and be open to change and most importantly never stop being positive and just do the best you can.

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