House of Cards

I like Suits, House of Lies, The Goodwife, eagerly anticipating my friends Sonja O’Hara & Jaspal Binning latest project Official: Doomsday and haven’t watched Blood & Oil  yet but it’s high on the list. However House of Cards  still remains my favorite show right now, next to Boss it is the best modern political drama of the last decade. 



Canadian-Jamaican Innovation & Energy Management Training Partnership



In an effort to enhance the quality, competitiveness, and professional development of Canada’s social and energy infrastructure, DMF Energy Inc, has signed a memorandum of understanding in agreement with the Health, Education and Counselling Institute (HECOIN) of Jamaica to develop and introduce a new 36 month pilot project program. The program is designed for professionals, mature students and youth seeking knowledge and employment opportunities in the fast modernizing global energy sector.

It is anticipated that 150 participants will be enrolled between Winter 2018 – Fall  2019. The key objectives and goals are to increase mental health and cross cultural awareness for Canadian and Jamaican youth, enhance skill development in relation to new emerging technology trends and to create employment opportunities within Canada, Jamaica and other international markets for program participants. Administered by the Canadian Human Capital Development Initiative the curriculum will focus on several key areas of interest including: international business development,  modern political relations, solar engineering, environmental assessments and Canadian Red Seal Endorsement pathways for construction and service related trades.  Jamaica-JD-CHCDI

Jerome L. Downey – Executive Director & Principal Consultant, CHCDI, DMF Energy Inc.   

“Energy security is very important and Canada needs to affirm its place as a leader in conservation and renewable energy markets. We’re excited for the opportunity to launch our pilot project in the Caribbean. Our company supports the principals of the Vision 2030 Jamaica, National Energy Development Plan  which align with our corporate values and Canada’s commitment to international diplomacy, health, education advancement and business innovation.” 

Colin O Jarrett, – VP of Administration, Finance and International Marketing, HECOIN

The HECOIN family welcomes this partnership where both Jamaicans and Canadians will be trained in Jamaica which is a welcomed change. Solar energy conservation is a priority for many governments and this training collaboration will further bring savings in the coffers of governments that take energy security seriously. Both Jamaica and Canada have made significant strides in the area of renewable energy which is commendable.”  

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Beyond The “Political Message”

Recently, “Barack Obama made reference to Kanye West best known album:  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy— Saying, that’s what’s known as being ‘”off-message”’ in politics, “you can’t say things like that. There are a lot of people who have lost their Congressional Caucus seats saying things like that.”  There is no doubt Obama is correct and his public response showed his legendary charm, tone and calm delivery and had everyone smiling. However beyond the obvious comedic element of the story there is a real question to ask,  where do we draw the line on what is politically and not politically correct in 2015. Donald Trumps current presidential run would make a great case study on the subject, when asked if he took exception to being compared to Hitler, his response was, he didn’t mind…..


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Mad Men: Healthy Relationship Lessons

Music, Life and Business Lessons From The 1950’s  

Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Intelligence this is the next frontier in Human Capitalplatters Training and Business Development. If you are going to have a strong team in the field, you must be able to work together safely.There needs to be a strong sense of purpose, respect, love and individual boundaries.

Ross Rosenberg has successfully built a business and value chain of service by explaining the impossible. His lessons, research and educational experience has made him a contemporary leader in in the psychology field regarding dynamic and powerful human connections. The following group The Platters song was played during one of his presentations explaining a subject on emotional intelligence, I suppose the the irony is topics that were important in the 1950’s remain just as important now in 2015. 

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Mono – Hymn To The Immortal Wind

The Artist mono

Mono (stylized as MONO) are a Japanese instrumental rock band, formed in 1999 in Tokyo. The band consists of Takaakira Goto (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Hideki Suematsu (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Tamaki Kunishi (bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, glockenspiel), and Yasunori Takada (drum kit, glockenspiel, synthesizer). Hymn to the Immortal Wind; Part of the story behind the music and studio album released in March 2009.


Ashes In The Snow

Swiftly as a draft of wind, moving past her without a trace. p80399966-1

Time, cold and unbending, leaves her standing alone once again.Long ago, there was the sound of two children running here. Their footsteps, never straying farapart from each other’s, still echo through the woods where an old woman walks on his day.

On a still river surrounded by weeping willows, the woman rows her boat towards the open sea.With a grave face she pulls the oars to and fro, her eyes fixed upon a nearby cliff above the waters. She traces the edge and holds her breath, reliving the chilling distance down to the bottom. Her rhythm is steady and slow as she breaks through the familiar fog. The sound of waves crashing, the lingering smell of burnt wood, and the reflection of branches on the water all remain the same as her memory, as if frozen in a spell. She inhales all she can hold and wonders if winter never ended since that cold night she stood on the cliff with him. Here lies their landscape of memories untouched by the awakening spring.

On this day the woman prepares for farewell. Heavy are his ashes, sinking in her hand. As she strains to let his remains go, she turns herself to the earth for an answer, a reminder of why she is here. Beneath her grief she knows there is something beyond the finality of this moment. Like the spring that is born from a cruel winter, there is something here waiting to be born. Resting her hand on the boat, she lets her eyes sleep.

Peering from the thickets of the surrounding woods, a promise tree faithfully waits to welcome this day of their journey. With roots woven deeply into the earth, it is the only thing that’s flourished here where all else has stood still. In the midst of it all, it continues to grow, nurturing the vow that it was planted with as if it were its child. The tree watches the woman tenderly and sways its branches, sending a stream of wind to relieve her. Continue reading

Emotional Freedom and The Self

“If you truly want to be happy in life, you should tie it to a goal not to people or objects” – Alberta Einstein

Peace in Oneself 

Who are you? A simple question that many find difficult to answer, our identities can be tied to many different things, in the field of entrepreneurship where ideas are encouraged, the “idea”, “concept” or outside projection can begin to influence who a person truly is. The key to overcoming being lost in any journey is to find a true sense of inner peace and self fulfillment within one’s own being. When you tie your happiness to an individual or object you will find that this feeling of happiness or sadness (emotion) is impermanent. When you tie your  happiness to any independent source outside yourself, you have thus lost yourself and will in turn not be able to genuinely connect with other people. In business, trades, life in general it is all about relationships no matter the audience. I am starting to find that all too often the most important relationship that matter the most is ignored. This is the relationship within oneself, something that would seem elementary but that is easily forgotten especially when focused on impermanent ideas and concepts.  Continue reading

What makes Linkedin so special ?

“We connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”   

                   – Gary Fearnall, Director of Global Marketing Solutions Linkedin.

The image below is a look at the very impressive kit that Linkedin prepared for a special marketing presentation at the Canadian National Arts Center in Ottawa yesterday. I was impressed with not only how professional and informative the event was but also with the quality of interaction and engagement. The Linkedin platform is a mature tool that can help solve many of the current issues and challenges relating to productivity and meaningful relationship building in business.  
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Gustav Mahler – Symphony No.9 in D-Major

The Symphony No. 9 by Gustav Mahler was written between 1908 and 1909, and was the last symphony that he completed.

Explanation of the Movements

The first movement embraces a loose sonata form; the work opens with a hesitant, syncopated motif which is to return at the height of the movement’s development as a sudden intrusion of “death in the midst of life”, announced by trombones and marked within the score “with the greatest force”.

The second movement is a dance, a Ländler, but it has becomes distorted to the point that it no longer resembles a dance. The movement contains shades of the second movement of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, in the distortion of a traditional dance into a dance of death. For example, Mahler alters traditional chord sequences into near-unrecognizable variations, turning the rustic and mostly diatonic C major introductory Ländler into a vicious whole-tone waltz, saturated with accidentals and frantic rhythms.  Continue reading

Labor Pains of a New Worldview

The Problem Is Not Political 

Humanity has reached a crossroad. Our species, the species of human beings is coming to a place where we are deciding about ourselves. We are making a huge decision about “Who are we?” and “Who do we really choose to be?”

We imagine that the issue is a political issue. Then we say, “Ah, well it must be a financial problem.” The problem is not political and it’s not financial. And it’s also, by the way, not military, …obviously.

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