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Canadian Commercialization: Problems, Failure, & Research Success.

When you look at the maze of  images below you will see some of Canada’s  most proud and recognizable organizations. However, in the 2010 Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Cleantech Report, the membership partners attained the letter grade of D for  commercialization. This is clearly unacceptable for a developed nation like Canada. The dependency we have placed on the “Crown” when it comes to “Business Development” has inhibited our country’s ability to perform and capitalize on the global growth within the Renewable and Environment sector.

Furthermore, our failure reveals one of our strengths and gives hope for the future. The group below has an A in Research and Innovation. Unfortunately, all our research & innovation efforts are not valuable unless we can clearly communicate and convince sophisticated domestic buyers (consumers) that these products, services, and value-propositions are worth the investment and choice.

Government’s Policy Failure

Canada needs to implement a National Energy Policy that is strong enough to take advantage of our greatest asset, our people.  The federal and provincial governments current policies are hurting Canada’s global competitiveness and removing these roadblocks should be a priority.

  • Disengaging the public and not offering a balanced honest approach to Canada’s energy security and resource development.
  • Cutting support for successful energy efficiency retro-fit projects for residential home owners.

Canadian Cleantech Commercialization Solution

I believe Canadians understand our greatest asset and contribution to the world has always been our people, not our oil and gas. Creating new policy that is reflective of this reality should be a top priority. Below are some core ideas that will lead to a solution of our commercialization problem.

Protect & Educate Canadian Consumers

  • Mandate higher education requirements for individuals selling or distributing energy services.

Increase Private Sector Involvement.

  • Open up private equity investment opportunities for unaccredited investors within Cleantech portfolio companies.
  • Dedicated Canadian domestic and internationally recognized elite standard.  Energy Consulting & Trades Professionals.





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