Bachelors Degree

Bachelor Arts Political Science Major  (Class 2008)

About Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University Mount Allison University is considered one of the most prestigious undergraduate universities in Canada. The institution consistently ranks among the top three primarily undergraduate universities in the annual Maclean’s magazine rankings. Mount Allison has also produced 47 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other liberal arts university in North America. Mount Allison also noted for being the first university in the British Empire to have awarded a baccalaureate to a woman.

About Political Science

The study of politics is concerned with the nature and workings of power, state, and government, the rights and duties of citizenship, the limits and possibilities of collective political action, and the social, economic, and cultural formations that shape the life of the political community.  The scope of inquiry is local, national, and international; it includes the empirical analysis of individuals, groups, institutions, and processes as well as the investigation of longstanding philosophical questions concerning human nature, freedom, democracy, and justice.


About The Program

At Mount Allison the study of politics is organized into four main sub-fields: Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory. The program offers students the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in all four sub-fields and to combine empirical, practical, historical and theoretical approaches in each year of study.

The program is further enhanced by the broad regional expertise of our faculty, which spans Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

The Department of Politics and International Relations offers programs leading to an honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a BA with a major in political science. A minor in political science can also be taken with a BA or Bachelor of Science.

Course offerings include Democratic Thought; Modern Political Thought; Canadian Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations; Interest Groups and Social Movements; African Politics; European Politics; Political and Cultural Change; Women and Politics; Foreign Policy Analysis; and International Politics of the Middle East

Religious Studies Minor (2008)

The study of Religion deals with the deepest and most basic questions of human existence: the meaning and purpose of life, relations with a divine presence and power, interpersonal relations and ultimate human destiny. A program me of religious studies at the university level seek to examine the various religious traditions, taking a historical and critical approach and utilizing the insights and advances of modern scholarship. It is concerned with the Judaeo-Christian tradition, but also with all major world faiths; with the origins and history of religious traditions, but also with the live issues and contemporary concerns of religion toady. The study of religion is not confined to those preparing for theological studies: it has a valid and vital place in a liberal arts program.

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