Ike-MentorAlumnus Isaac (Ike) Goodine, Mount Allison University B.Sc. (Physics) in 1956, followed by a Certificate in Engineering in 1957, from the Affiliated McClelan School of Engineering, and then, in 1960 he received a B.Ed. As an athlete, he is also the proud owner of a ‘Jacket’ with crests that declare Mount Allison as Maritime Intercollegiate Track and Field Champions on two occasions.

Jerome Downey’s Introduction Statement

As an Alumnus of the prestigious World Bank Institute, Isaac is LinkedIn_273-Jerome-Downey-1well qualified to advise and assist me in matters of domestic and international affairs. Although over 6 decades are between us in age, his wisdom and experience is invaluable and important to harness as a Canadian citizen and business professional.  Isaac’s Technology of Achievement program helps me on matters of personal and professional development it also serves as an incredible resource on my areas of interest; Canadian Domestic Policy, Global Diplomacy, Education and International Business Development.  I humbly present to you my fellow MTA alumnus, friend, and professional mentor, Mr. Isaac Goodine.

Isacc (Ike) Goodine Biography

After University Ike’s  first successful career was in the Army, where he became the 29th Commanding Officer of the historic 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) (Militia) and the youngest Lieutenant Colonel in Eastern Canada at that time. Next, his career in Education was launched as an Instructor at the New Brunswick Institute of Technology when the institute was still under construction and he gained rapid promotion to become the Second Principal and the youngest Head of a major post-secondary institution in Canada at that time.  This led to an Invitation to become the Founding Principal of the Zambia Institute of Technology in a newly independent country rich in mineral resources but poor in human resources.  Subsequently, this led to an invitation to serve as Acting Director for the transition of the Commission for Technical Education and Vocational Training to become a Department of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. On returning to Canada he became a Policy Analyst for the newly created Department of Community Colleges in New Brunswick, working there until he was selected to become the Founding Principal of the Kenya Technical Teachers College that was established with technical assistance from CIDA and with the University of New Brunswick acting as the Executing Agency to provide teacher education for the future faculty of KTTC. On completion of that assignment he became an Educator at the World Bank. He had highly successful experience in design and appraisal of projects in several countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and after early retirement he continued to work part-time in China and Africa.

jeromedowneymentor During this period he sometimes worked in cooperation with other agencies such as UNESCO and the ILO while ‘on loan’ from the World Bank and with Bilateral Aid Agencies involved in joint financing of projects with the World Bank. After 10 years of Regular Service he took early retirement to become First Secretary, Development at the Canadian Embassy in Manila during Canada’s participation in a ‘mini Marshal Plan’ designed to help the Philippines with a development program after the fall of the Dictatorship of President Marcos. Isaac’s next assignment was as the Fifth Director General of the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education, an International Intergovernmental Organization and a specialized agency of the Colombo Plan for Economic Cooperation in the Asia–Pacific region, serving 21 member countries at that time. The next assignment was as First Secretary, Development, at the Canadian High Commission, Bridgetown, with Accreditation to the Member Countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. He then took another ‘early retirement’ from international public service and became Managing Director for the start-up of the Knowledge Development Institute in Barbados. Subsequently, and after 27years abroad he resettled in Ottawa.

Currently Isaac is involved in part-time consulting, participates in international conferences, and most recently he completed a course on Economics of Education for Policymakers and Practitioners offered by the World Bank Institute. He is committed to helping Mount Alison University achieve the same recognition on the international stage as it has in Canada, and  is particularly interested in helping to establish and maintain professional and personal linkages with international financial institutions (IFIs) that are highly committed to using Education, Science and Diplomacy as the under-pinning of global advancement.


The Speakers Bureau

The Speaker’s Bureau serves as the official liaison between the World Bank and its visitors, including governmental delegations, community groups, youth organizations, students and teachers. It has formed partnerships with some of these organizations. The Speaker’s Bureau also responds to invitations to forums and participates in guest lectures.

The World Bank Institute

The World Bank Institute (WBI) is a global connector of knowledge, learning and innovation for poverty reduction. We connect practitioners and institutions to help them find suitable solutions to their development challenges. With a focus on the “how” of reform, we link knowledge from around the world and scale up innovations.

8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s)

The earliest beginnings of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) have traditionally been traced to the year 1775 in the Colony of Virginia where Captain John Saunders, of Princess Anne County, raised a troop of cavalry at his own expense to fight for the Crown against the Colonial rebels. This unusual Regiment included riflemen, grenadiers, artillery and cavalry, and it never knew defeat during the American conflict for independence.

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