The New Halifax Convention Center

I wish lots of success to this new project and look forward to seeing the hole in the middle of downtown replaced with this beautiful new Convention Center. However betting the future of the Nova Scotia’s economy on conventions, tourism, and other consumer discretionary sectors is simply irresponsible and new strategies should be developed very soon.

New Halifax Convention Center (Photo Credit: Hfx Chronicle Herald )


Facebook Response To The New Halifax Convention Center 07/12/12

We’re excited about today’s announcement!

Did you know? The average convention delegate can spend up to four times as much as the average visitor to Nova Scotia. Just one national or international convention of 1,000 delegates can result in over $1 million of new spending in our provincial economy – in shops, restaurants, hotels and on transportation. – NSBI


Let’s Talk About What We Are Fighting For

“In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.” – Bill Clinton


The Cause Is What Is Important  

The story dominating headlines  early this week in Canadian politics was Liberal MP Justin Trudeau’s victory in the boxing ring. Proving the odds makers wrong he beat up a younger perceived “stronger” opponent in Senator Patrick Brazeau. Justin had no need to rope-a-dope, as I had assumed might be his strategy. Instead the match was settled by a TKO in the 3rd round. Although the showmanship and games grabbed the headlines the cause it was for was very important.

Photo Curtousey: The National Post (Lockheed Martin)

The boxing match between Trudeau and Brazeau started to make me think about what we are fighting for as a country.  As individuals we all have our own unique interest, motivations, influences, dreams and ambitions that we fight for. We work towards our dreams because we were taught by our parents, mentors and heroes that our dreams could and would come true and to not let anyone stand in our way. From a political observer’s position this logic is clearly something that has been a rallying point amongst the Conservative Party of Canada. In 2011, after several minority parliaments, Canadians decided to elect what they were told was going to be a “a strong, majority, conservative, government” that would lead us through the economic crisis. Continue reading

A Vision Of The Future: By Corning

I thought this video by Corning was very interesting! I think this company is doing very positive things with there Marketing and that they have a very special Entrepreneur  behind the vision.  They are telling a story and making the

Corning Glass Future Concept

Consumer the central theme of it, they are selling the concept of Corning and the future of how we will use glass.  I really liked how they used simplicity in delivering there message. The only sound in this video was the soft beautiful music playing in the background which allowed the viewer to get lost in there own thoughts and imagination or maybe that was just me. lol

Here is the Link to Video if you would like to find out what I am talking about.

These were some of the questions and thoughts that came racing out of my head after watching this video through the perspective and mind of two different viewpoints the Consumer and Entrepreneur. Continue reading