The New Halifax Convention Center

I wish lots of success to this new project and look forward to seeing the hole in the middle of downtown replaced with this beautiful new Convention Center. However betting the future of the Nova Scotia’s economy on conventions, tourism, and other consumer discretionary sectors is simply irresponsible and new strategies should be developed very soon.

New Halifax Convention Center (Photo Credit: Hfx Chronicle Herald )


Facebook Response To The New Halifax Convention Center 07/12/12

We’re excited about today’s announcement!

Did you know? The average convention delegate can spend up to four times as much as the average visitor to Nova Scotia. Just one national or international convention of 1,000 delegates can result in over $1 million of new spending in our provincial economy – in shops, restaurants, hotels and on transportation. – NSBI


Halifax Downtown Four-Way Fraces

Written by Tim Bousquet, News Editor at The Coast

The downtown Halifax council election heats up in District 12, with the incumbent facing the young scion of an old political family, a student and an environmental consultant.

For local politics, downtown Halifax is the place to be this year.

In the battle for media attention, Halifax elections lag behind coverage of the American and Canadian federal elections, and what press coverage locals do get is mostly focused on the mayoral race between Peter Kelly and Sheila Fougere. But the most dynamic and interesting local election is arguably the council contest for District 12.

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Downey Seeks Downtown Halifax Seat

Written By Halifax Chronicle Herald

Left: Jerome Downey, Right: Graham Downey

Jerome Downey, grandson of long-time Halifax city councillor Graham Downey, announced he’ll be running for office in this year’s municipal election. He’ll be vying for the Halifax-Downtown seat.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent and make the progressive changes Halifax-Downtown residents, visitors and business owners desperately desire,” says Downey. “I’m working to make sure our best interests as a community are being addressed and heard in city council. My platform is based on rejuvenation and a change of attitude and actions in city hall. We need to enhance our community’s vibrancy, protect our local economy and make our streets safer.”

Downey was raised and continues to reside in downtown Halifax. He graduated from St. Patrick’s High School and is a graduate of Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Currently, he is an account executive with a major financial institution in Halifax.