(District 7) – Peninsula South Open Letter

RE: Gerry Walsh Halifax HRM Elections 2012 (District 7) Candidate Endorsement.

“A man’s character is best judged by his actions not his intents.”

I have had the opportunity and honor of getting to know Gerry Walsh as a professional and person over the last 5 years. In that time I have always found Gerry to be extremely genuine in his intents and firm in his actions. He understands the unique cultural, economic, and political challenges our region faces at a local and national level. That is why Gerry has a solid plan and list of priorities to help navigate and protect our interest creating the foundation for us to prosper over next four years if elected this October 20th, 2012. The people of our community deserve to be represented by someone with class and dignity who doesn’t just talk about accountability but who embodies it. He has proven and shown himself worthy of the public’s trust.

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The New Halifax Convention Center

I wish lots of success to this new project and look forward to seeing the hole in the middle of downtown replaced with this beautiful new Convention Center. However betting the future of the Nova Scotia’s economy on conventions, tourism, and other consumer discretionary sectors is simply irresponsible and new strategies should be developed very soon.

New Halifax Convention Center (Photo Credit: Hfx Chronicle Herald )


Facebook Response To The New Halifax Convention Center 07/12/12

We’re excited about today’s announcement!

Did you know? The average convention delegate can spend up to four times as much as the average visitor to Nova Scotia. Just one national or international convention of 1,000 delegates can result in over $1 million of new spending in our provincial economy – in shops, restaurants, hotels and on transportation. – NSBI